SSPH+ PhD Awards 2017

Best PhD Abstract Award Winners 2017:

1 Hannah Tough / Schweiz. Paraplegiker Forschung, Lucerne
2 Angéline Chatelan / CHUV, Lausanne
Heresh Amini / Swiss TPH, Basel (ex aequo)
3 Renato Mattli / University Basel (ex aequo)

Best Published PhD Article Award Winners:

1 Harris Héritier / Swiss TPH, Basel

Among the top 5 :
– Heresh Amini / Swiss TPH, Basel
– Helena Greter  /Swiss TPH, Basel
– Carlos De Mestral / IUMSP,  Lausanne
– Mazvita Sengayi / National Cancer Registry, National Health Laboratory Service, Johannesburg, South Africa

The prizes were awarded on November 22 at the Swiss Public Health Conference in Basel.