SSPH+ PhD Courses

Overview Course Program 2020
(Course flyers and registration)
Course Title Lecturer/s ECTS Days Place Date
Applied Logistic Regression Stanley Lemeshow/ Ben Spycher 2 5 Bern 9-13 March
Writing a Journal Article… and Getting it Published Claudia Kühni 2 3 Bern 23-25 March, postponed to 19 – 21 October
Basics of Ethics in Health Sciences Research Verina Wild/ Sven Trelle/ Peter Kleist/ Agomoni Ganguli-Mitra/ Matthias Briel 1 2 Bern 11-12 May

online course due to corona crisis

Big Data in Public Health Oliver Grübner et al. 2 5 Zürich 25-29 May

postponed to 17 – 21 August

online course due to corona crisis

Fundamental Concepts in Epidemiology Albert Hofman 2 5 Bern 22 – 26 June

postponed to 26 – 30 April 2021

Introduction into multilevel modelling of clustered data Martin Röösli 1 2 Basel 8-10 July

online course due to corona crisis

Observational epidemiology workshop: acvanced methods for data and exposure-response analyses Martin Röösli, Joel Schwartz 2 5 Basel postponed to July 2021
Writing a Journal Article… and Getting it Published Nicola Low 2 3 Bern 8-10 September
Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis: A practical Approach Georgia Salanti/ Matthias Egger 1 3 Bern 16 – 18 September
Introduction to the statistical Software R Jan Hattendorf 1 3 Basel 29 September – 1 October
GIS for Public Health Danielle Vienneau/ Kees de Hoogh 2 5 Basel 2 – 6 November
Qualitative Research: Basic Module: Defining and developing qualitative research in public health Rose-Anna Foley, Christina Akré 1 3 Lausanne 11 – 13 November
Qualitative Research: Advanced Module: Appraising qualitative health research Rose-Anna Foley, Christina Akré 1 2 Lausanne 19- 20 November
Introduction to Statistical Software Stata and Electronic Data Capture Software REDCap Adrian Spörri/ Yves Bochud 1 3 Bern 25-27 Nov
Social status, social interactions and capital: social science applications in public health Stéphane Cullati/ Kristin Jafflin 2 3 Bern Spring 2021



The courses offered by the SSPH+ PhD Program are open to all interested persons.

They are at no costs for students accepted in the program.

The fees for students in the program application process and for external PhD or MD students as well as for academics and others (industry) are marked on the course flyers.

The courses are offered according to the following scheme:

Grafic SSPH+ courses

Some courses are listed in several fields. The corresponding fields are always mentioned in
the  detailed course list.

Please check also the list of past SSPH+ PhC courses as many courses are in the program regularly.