Ongoing research of students of the SSPH+ PhD Program in Public Health

For all students of the SSPH+ PhD Program in Public Health and of the SSPH+ Inter-university Graduate Campus:


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  • Adebayo-Ojo, Temitope
    Joint effects of ambient air pollution mixtures on health outcomes in Cape Town, 2001 – 2016
    (Supervisors: Prof. Nino Künzli, Prof. Nicole Probst-Hensch)
  • Ahn, Pauline Yongeun
    Health System Resilience: key for unlocking the complex health system strengthening agenda
    (Supervisor: Prof. Kaspar Wyss)
  • Ali, Faisal Nooh
    Epidemiological and clinical investigations of chronic noncommunicable
    diseases in Eritrean refugees living in Ethiopia and Switzerland
    (Supervisor: Prof. Daniel Paris)
  • Allabadi, Hala
    Mental health needs among cardiovascular disease patients in a Palestinian population
    (Supervisors: Prof. Nicole Probst-Hensch, Prof. Elisabeth Zemp)
  • Angora, Kpongbo Etienne
    Population genetic structure and hybridization of schistosomes in Côte d’lvoire
    (Supervisor: Prof. Jürg Utzinger)
  • Arowosegbe, Oluwaseyi
    Modelling daily PM2.5 concentrations at high spatio-temporal scale in South Africa and assessing the association between ambient air pollution and acute cardiorespiratory hospitalizations and mortality
    (Supervisors: Dr. Kees de Hoogh, Prof. Martin Röösli)
  • Baumann, Aron (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    How are Swiss health policymakers using evidence to inform their decisions?
    (Supervisors: Prof. Kaspar Wyss, Prof. Nino Künzli)
  • Bauwens, Jorgen
    Impact of non-adherence to vaccination schedules
    (Supervisor: Prof. Jan Bonhoeffer)
  • Branca-Dragan, Sanda
    Answering important clinical research questions using data from the Swiss Transplant Cohort Study: the STCS Liver Benchmarking project and the STCS Allograft twin study
    (Supervisors: PD Dr. Michael Koller, Prof. Jürg Steiger)
  • Brunner, Nina
    The impact of scaling up rectal artesunate on severe malaria case management practices in three Sub-Saharan Africa countries
    (Supervisors: PD Dr. Manuel Hetzel, Prof. Christian Lengeler)
  • Cottler-Casanova, Sara
    Conditions Related to Sexual Health: From ICD-10 to ICD-11 – An internet-based case-control study on the new diagnostic criteria for sexual dysfunctions
    (Supervisor: Prof. Elisabeth Zemp)
  • Denz, Adrian
    Mathematical Modelling of Mosquito Movement
    (Supervisors: PD Dr. Nakul Chitnis, Prof. Christian Lengeler)
  • Dietler, Dominik
    Associations between natural resource extraction projects and environmental determinants of health in Africa
    (Supervisors: Dr. Mirko Winkler, Prof. Jürg Utzinger)
  • Eburi Losoha, Maria Esther Leticia
    Improvement of immunization uptake among pregnant women in Equatorial Guinea: Mixed methods approach
    (Supervisors: Prof. Claudia Daubenberger, PD Dr. Sonja Merten)
  • Fatou, Mathurin
    Measuring the interaction of mosquitoes with topical repellents and insecticide-treated nets using 3D infrared video tracking
    (Supervisors: PD Dr. Pie Müller, Prof. Jürg Utzinger)
  • Fischer, Fabienne
    The epidemiology of legionellosis in Switzerland: Evidence for policy & action
    (Supervisors: Prof. Daniel Mäusezahl, Prof. Günther Fink)
  • Garbazza, Corrado
    Chronobiology, sleep-related risk factors and light therapy in perinatal depression: the “Life-ON” Project
    (Supervisors: Prof. Nicole Probst-Hensch, Prof. Christian Cajochen)
  • Giduthuri, Joseph Gnanouday
    Developing a generic protocol and innovating methods for community study and improved coverage with antenatal influenza vaccination (AIV)
    (Supervisors: Prof. Jürg Utzinger, Dr. Nicolas Maire)
  • Gryaznov, Dmitry
    Longitudinal evaluation of the accuracy and completeness of clinical trial protocols
    (Supervisors: PD Dr. Matthias Briel, Prof. Heiner Bucher)
  • Hassan, Mahmoud
    Drug Discovery for Eumycetoma
    (Supvervisor: Prof. Marcel Tanner)
  • Heerdegen, Anne Christine (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    Analysis of Management Capacity and the Effects of Management Strengthening Interventions at District Level in Low and Middle-Income Countries
    (Supervisor: Prof. Kaspar Wyss)
  • Hella, Jerry (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    Tuberculosis transmission in rural and urban Tanzania: A modelling approach using shared re-breathed air in estimating airborne disease transmission
    (Supervisor: PD Dr. Lukas Fenner)
  • Honegger, Ursina
    Prevalence, determinants, pathophysiology and long-term outcome of exercise-induced myocardial stunning
    (Supervisor: Prof. Christian Müller)
  • Karim, Aliya
    A Systems-Wide Analysis of the RAcE Programme: A Multi-Case Health System Study of an Integrated Community Case Management Program in Five African Countries
  • Keller, Ladina
    Improved treatment options for the control of soil-transmitted helminthiases
    (Supervisor: Prof. Jennifer Keiser)
  • Lazarova, Angela
    Quality management of clinical trials conducted in resource-limited settings
    (Supervisor: Prof. Christian Burri)
  • Mapesi, Herry
    Non-communicable diseases in people living with HIV in Rural Africa: tackle the double burden
    (Supervisors:  Prof. Daniel Paris, Prof. Manuel Battegay)
  • Marxer, Carole (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    Build-up of a validated linked cohort of mothers and infants using Swiss claims data and following determination of adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes in Switzerland
    (Supervisors: Prof. Christoph Meier, Prof. Christian Lengeler)
  • Matowo, Nancy
    Entomological and molecular characterization, insecticide resistance testing and screening for arboviruses, filarial worm and malaria parasites in culicine species in Ulanga and Kilombero districts, south-eastern Tanzania
    (Supervisors: Prof. Marcel Tanner, Prof. Brigit Obrist)
  • Mc Cord, Kimberly (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    The use of routinely collected data in clinical trial research
    (Supvervisor: Prof. Heiner Bucher)
  • Menang, Olga
    Determinants of Health Systems Capacity for Effective Pharmacovigilance systems Implementation in Low and Middle Income Countries
    (Prof. Christian Burri)
  • Meyre, Pascal
    Incidence of and causes for all-cause hospitalizations in patients with atrial fibrillation
    (Supervisor: Prof. Stefan Osswald)
  • Mhlanga, Shakuntala
    Associations of pesticide exposure and media use on the neurobehavior of children in the Western Cape, South Africa
    (Supervisor: Prof. Martin Röösli)
  • N’Dri, Bédjou Prisca
    Malaria in Elibou region, south of Côte d’Ivoire: transmission and insecticide resistance
    (Supervisors: Dr. Giovanna Raso, Dr. Choauibou Mouhamadou, Prof. Juerg Utzinger)
  • Nimako, Belinda
    Linkages between Natural Resource Extraction Projects and the Health System for Sustainable Development
    (Supervisors: Dr. Mirko Winkler, Prof. Jürg Utzinger)
  • Obas, Katrina
    The role of depression on blood pressure control in Kosovo – A cohort study
    (Supervisors: Prof. Nicole Probst-Hensch, Prof. Sabina De Geest)
  • Patel, Chandni
    Optimizing Drug Therapy against Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis
    (Supervisor: Prof. Jennifer Keiser)
  • Reiker, Theresa
    Mathematical modelling of malaria control in low-transmission settings
    (Supervisors: Prof. Tom Smith, Prof. Melissa Penny)
  • Sanchez Samaniego, Giuliana
    Household burden of disease and NCD control and prevention – Understanding patient perceptions and health systems use in the Peruvian Andes
    (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Mäusezahl)
  • Saucy, Apolline (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    The triggering effects of aircraft noise events on cardiovascular mortality in Zürich, Switzerland: a case-crossover study
    (Supervisor: Prof. Martin Röösli)
  • Shayo, Kuwawenaruwa August Joachim
    Effects of the regional complementary pharmaceutical supply system on improving access to medicines in Dodoma and Morogoro regions, Tanzania
    (Supervisors: Dr. Fabrizio Tediosi, Prof. Kaspar Wyss)
  • Tangermann, Louise
    The effects of transportation noise on cognitive functions, behavior and health related quality of life in adolescents
    (Supervisors: Prof. Martin Röösli, Prof. Nino Künzli)
  • Tran, Thi Duc Hanh
    Mitigating the re-emergence of rickettsial and other rodent-borne zoonoses in Vietnam: a call for One Health
    (Supervisors: PD Dr. Esther Schelling, Prof. Jürg Utzinger)
  • Vavassori, Laura (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    Dispersal dynamics of the Asian tiger mosquito
    (Supervisors: Dr. Pie Müller, Prof. Juerg Utzinger)


  • Anderegg, Nanina
    Correcting analyses of cohort studies for loss to follow-up: comparing conventional and advanced statistical models
    (Supervisor: Prof. Matthias Egger)
  • Asangbeh, Serra Lem
    Developing a Cervical Cancer Prevention and Care Cascade in Low-
    and Middle-Income Countries
    (Supervisor: PD Dr. Julia Bohlius)
  • Chalkou, Konstantina
    Real world predictions of treatment effects using evidence synthesis for health technology assessment
    (Supervisor: Prof. Georgia Salanti)
  • Chihota, Belinda
    Epidemiology of modifiable non-communicable disease risk factors among HIV-infected adults in Southern Africa
    (Supervisors: PD Dr. Gilles Wandeler, Dr. Michael Vinikoor)
  • Chiocchia, Virginia
    Methods of ranking competing treatments in network meta-analysis
    (Supervisors: Prof. Georgia Salanti, Prof. Tianjing Li)
  • Davidović, Maša
    Cancer prevention for women living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa
    (Supervisors: PD Dr. Julia Bohlius, Dr. Mazvita Sengayi)
  • de Jong-Mazairac, Jacqueline Helena
    Is there variability in pelvic floor and abdominal muscle response induced by different cough and forced expiration patterns?
    (Supervisor: Prof. Fiona Burkhard)
  • Farag, Sarah
    A randomized phase II trial comparing Bendamustine and Melphalan with Melphalan alone as conditioning regimen for autologous stem cell transplatation (ASCT) in myeloma patients
    (Supervisor: Prof. Thomas Pabst)
  • Gonzalez Jaramillo, Valentina (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    End-of-life decisions in patients with heart failure
    (Supervisors: Prof. Steffen Eychmüller, PD Dr. Lukas Hunziker)
  • Grisotto, Giorgia
    Cardiometabolic Health in Women: The Role of Diet
    (Supervisors: Prof. Oscar Franco, Dr. Taulant Muka)
  • Hamza, Tasnim
    Flexible generic framework for evidence synthesis in health technology
    (Supervisor: Prof. Georgia Salanti)
  • Hauser, Anthony
    Predicting population- and individual level of HIV drug resistance in sub-Saharan Africa: mathematical modelling studies
    (Supervisor: Prof. Matthias Egger)
  • Kalua, Thokozani
    Impact on viral load suppression in HIV patients in Malawi with introduction of TLD as the first-line regimen
    (Supervisor: Prof. Matthias Egger)
  • Kurz, Johanna
    Longitudinal assessment of small airway physiology in healthy children and children with cystic fibrosis using the multiple-breath washout technique
    (Supervisors: PD Dr. Florian Singer, Prof. Claudia Kühni)
  • Mazzei Abba, Antonella
    Background ionizing radiation and the risk of childhood cancer
    (Supervisors: PD Dr. Ben Spycher, Prof. Maria Blettner)
  • Mesa Vieira, Cristina
    Mental and cardiometabolic consequences of chronic exposure to violence
    (Supervisor: Prof. Oscar Franco)
  • Mugglin, Catrina
    Access to treatment and treatment outcomes among elderly HIV-infected patients in Malawi
    (Supervisors: PD Dr. Olivia Keiser, Prof. Matthias Egger)
  • Nthumba, Peter
    Implementation of the WHO Surgical site infection prevention guidelines in a rural sub-Saharan African maternity unit: finding the right strategy for sustained results
    (Supervisors: Prof. Matthias Egger, Prof. Joseph Solomkin)
  • Otth, Maria (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    Pulmonary dysfunction after childhood cancer: diagnosing early stage disease
    (Supervisors: Prof. Claudia Kühni, Prof. Philipp Latzin)
  • Ramírez Mena, Adrià
    Understanding the hepatitis B continuum of care to inform elimination strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa and Switzerland
    (Supervisors: Prof. Gilles Wandeler, Prof. Marcel Zwahlen)
  • Roa Diaz, Zayne Milena
    The interaction between lifestyle and menopausal ageing and their impact on cardiovascular disease in women
    (Supervisors: Prof. Oscar Franco, Dr. Muka Taulant)
  • Schindera, Christina (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    Cardiovascular disease in childhood cancer survivors
    (Supervisor: Prof. Claudia Kuehni)
  • Seo, Michael
    Evidence-synthesis methods for personalizing the choice of treatment
    (Supervisors: Prof. Marcel Zwahlen, Dr. Orestis Efthimiou)
  • Tafadzwa, Dhokotera Gladys
    Cervical cancer control in South African women: a model for precision public health
    (Supervisors: PD Dr. Julia Bohlius, Dr. Mazvita Sengayi)
  • Taghavi, Katayoun
    Methods of improving visually based cervical screening in low- and middle income countries
    (Supervisor: PD Dr. Julia Bohlius)


  • Ahawo, Komi Mokpokpo
    Acute bacterial meningitis surveillance program following introduction of Haemophilus Influenzae type b, Streptococcus pneumoniae (PCV-13) and Nesseiria meningitidis gr A vaccines in Cameroon: epidemiology, vaccine impact and cost effectiveness
    (Supervisor: Prof. Alain Gervaix)
  • Alcoba, Gabriel
    Snakebite incidence, public health impact, prediction of areas at risk, and access to quality care in 5 countries of tropical Africa and Asia
    (Supervisor: Prof. François Chappuis)
  • Amul, Gianna Gayle
    Comparative analysis of tobacco and alcohol policies in ASEAN:
    Examining industry interference in the policy process (EXIIT) in
    the Philippines and Singapore
    (Supervisors: Prof. Jean-François Etter, Prof. Pascal Bovet)
  • Babington-Ashaye, Awa
    Impact assessment of eHealth-based approaches to improve disease management and quality of life of people living with haemophilia in Sub-Saharan Africa. A case study of Haemophilia in Senegal
    (Supervisors: Prof. Antone Geissbühler, Prof. Philippe de Moerloose))
  • Biquet, Jean-Marc
    La sécurité du patient dans l’activité médicale
    (Supervisor: Prof. Dominique Sprumont)
  • Catho, Gaud
    Improvement of antibiotic use in hospitals through multifaceted, computerized interventions
    (Supervisors: Prof. Stephan Harbarth, PD Dr. Benedikt Huttner)
  • Chipanta, David
    Impact of Social Protection Programmes on access and use of HIV services Use: A Comparison Study in Two Urban and Two Rural Districts of Zambia
    (Supervisor: Prof. Olivia Keiser)
  • Choi, Hye Lynn
    Comparative analysis of pharmaceutical reimbursement system and economic evaluation for decision-making in National Regulatory Authorities
    (Supervisor: Prof. Bettina Borisch)
  • Das, Debashish
    Predictors of malaria-attributable mortality in complex medical emergencies in Africa
    (Supervisor: Prof. François Chappuis)
  • De Ridder, David (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    Spatial dependence of dietary intake and compared influence of individual versus neighborhood-level socioeconomic and environmental factors
    (Supervisor: Prof. Idris Guessous)
  • Galjour, Joshua
    Chronic political instability and the implementation of the HIV/AIDS response in Guinea-Bissau from 2000 to 2015: A case study of the intersections of politics and epidemiology
    (Supervisor: Prof. Emmanuel Mpinga)
  • Gaudet-Blavignac, Christophe (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    HUBBLE – Health Bigdata in the Lemanic Region
    (Supervisor: Prof. Christian Lovis)
  • Harper, Melissa
    Development and Implementation of Low Intensity Psychological Interventions in Low and Middle Income Countries
    (Supervisor: Prof. Emiliano Albanese)
  • Issom, David-Zacharie
    From Heterogeneous Data to Smart Data: A Framework to Personalize the Reuse of Medical Information in Patient Decision Support
    (Supervisor: Prof. Christian Lovis)
  • Kaboré, Lassané (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    Impact of the 13-valent pneumococcal vaccine on Streptococcus pneumoniae carriage, all-cause clinical pneumonia, and invasive pneumococcal disease in Burkina Faso
    (Supervisor: Prof. Alain Gervaix)
  • Kieselbach, Berit
    Child and adolescent health outcomes for exposure to domestic violence
    (Supervisor: Prof. Thomas Perneger)
  • Krupchanka, Dzmitry
    Mortality gap associated with mental disorders in the Czech Republic
    (Supervisor: Prof. Yasser Khazaal)
  • Lazo Porras, Maria de los Angeles
    Process Evaluation of the COHESION project
    (Supervisor: Prof. François Chappuis)
  • Lepere, Philippe
    Improving the HIV treatment cascade by empowering patients via mHealth technology, in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. The COSANUCI study: assessing the contribution of the mHealth solution to increased life expectancy and health related well-being among people living with HIV receiving antiretroviral therapy
    (Supervisors: Prof. Alexandra Calmy, Prof. Antoine Geissbühler)
  • Lisibach, Angela Edith
    Automated detection of adverse drug events in hospitalized patients
    (Supervisor: Prof. Chantal Csajka)
  • Mohammed, Ibrahim
    Vaccinating under the Shadow of Boko Haram: Effect of the Boko-Haram Insurgency on Immunization Activities and Polio Mass Vaccination Programmes in North-Eastern Nigeria
    (Supervisor: Prof. Alain Gervaix)
  • Muratalieva, Elvira
    Global policies to control non-communicable diseases and its influence to the strengthening primary health care system in Kyrgyzstan
    (Supervisor: Prof. Mathieu Nendaz)
  • Mwangi, Kibachio Joseph
    Social determinants of health and non-communicable diseases in Kenya: A review of the burden of non-communicable diseases and their risk factors, barriers and enablers of appropriate health seeking behavior for the prevention, care and treatment in Kenya and the impact of integrating NCD prevention and control in primary health and community health platforms
    (Supervisors: Dr. Idris Guessous, Prof. Antoine Flahault)
  • Nogier, Cyril
    Monitoring and Evaluating the Transition from Global Health Initiatives: the case of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
    (Supervisor: Prof. Alain Gervaix)
  • Ochoa, Carlos
    Determination, analysis and prediction of snakebite’s risk and incidence for
    humans and animals, to reduce its burden, optimize the access to care and
    estimate the effects of future environmental and population changes in hotspots areas of Cameroon and Nepal
    (Supervisor: Prof. François Chappuis)
  • Oshima, Yoshiyuki
    Social determinants of substance use among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM) in Geneva, Switzerland
    (Supervisor: Prof. Barbara Broers)
  • Ouaijan, Krystel
    Prevalence of Malnutrition in Lebanese Hospitals, Recognition and Impact on the Right to Health
    (Supervisor: Prof. Emmanuel Kabengele Mpinga)
  • Peters, Alexandra
    Creating a Transposable Model for Hospital Environmental Hygiene
    (Supervisor: Prof. Didier Pittet)
  • Polonsky, Jonathan
    Evaluation of strategies for community-based disease surveillance among crisis-affected populations
    (Supervisor: Prof. Laurent Kaiser, Prof. Christian Lengeler)
  • Sadeghimehr, Maryam
    Comprehensive disease models and cost-effectiveness studies of Hepatitis C Virus
    (Supervisors: Prof. Olivia Keiser, Dr. Janne Estill)
  • Saito, Hiroki
    Hand hygiene and infection prevention and control (IPC) promotion in Japan and Uganda through implementation of WHO guidelines on core components of IPC programmes
    (Supervisors: Prof. Didier Pittet, Prof. Benedetta Allegranzi)
  • Samhouri, Dalia (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    Analysis of the implementation of the International Health Regulations: How can Compliance be improved
    (Supervisor: Prof. Antoine Flahault)
  • Sinyangwe, Chomba
    Understanding Dynamics of Policy Processes Related to Maternal Health in Zambia
    (Supervisor: Prof. Doris Schopper)
  • Sureshkumar, Sugitha
    The Transitional Epidemiology in Child Health
    (Supervisor: Prof. Jean-François Etter)
  • Sy, Amy
    Optimizing the distribution and capacity of healthcare workers in Sub- Saharan Africa using digital health
    (Supervisor: Prof. Antoine Geissbühler)
  • Tartari, Ermira
    Global burden of healthcare-associated infections: impact of the WHO Clean Care is Safe Care programme worldwide
    (Supervisor: Prof. Benedetta Allegranzi)
  • von Grünigen, Sandrine
    Improving safe handling of cytotoxic medicines in low and middle-income countries: evaluation of the impact of a blended-learning module –  a pilot study
    (Supervisors: Prof. Antoine Geissbühler, Prof. Pascal Bonnabry)


  • Bovio, Nicolas
    Occupational cancer in Switzerland
    (Supervisor: Prof. Irina Guseva Canu)
  • Ehsan, Annahita (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    Promoting Health through Community Action in Vaud, Switzerland
    (Supervisor: Prof. Dario Spini)
  • Gebreab, Sirak
    Psychosocial stress, psychiatric disorders and cardiovascular risk factors in the the general population
    (Supervisor: Prof. Martin Preisig)
  • Le Pogam, Marie Annick
    Geriatric patient safety indicators based on linked administrative health data to assess thrombo-embolic and hemorrhagic adverse events in Swiss older inpatients
    (Supervisor: Prof. Bernard Burnand)


  • Huang, Jianan (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    Informal Health Care by Family Members of Persons with Spinal Cord Injury in Switzerland
    (Supervisor: Prof. Armin Gemperli)
  • Hwang, Aljoscha Benjamin
    Analysis of clinical- and cost effectiveness of focused cognitive testing in elective inpatients
    (Supervisor: Prof. Stefan Boes)
  • Napierala, Christoph (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    The implementation of DRG (Diagnosis Related Groups) on the economic situation with aspects of financing, quality and public health service provisioning
    (Supervisor: Prof. Stefan Boes)


  • Mannamplackal, Santhosh
    Rehabilitation sector in the Swiss healthcare system: actual trends, consolidation of networks and emerging of integrated delivery systems
    (Supervisors: Prof. Marco Meneguzzo, Prof. Stefano Calciolari)


  • Kachalov, Viacheslav
    Identifying determinants and drivers of the spread of antimicrobial resistance
    (Supervisor: Prof. Roger Kouyos)
  • Kerksieck, Philipp (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    Boundary Crafting: A New Measurement and its Relations to Occupation Health Parameters (working title)
    (Supervisors: Prof. Holger Dressel, Prof. Georg Bauer)
  • Lehmann, Anja (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    Effects of implementing lean management on psychosocial working conditions and employee health in a healthcare setting
    (Supervisor: Prof. Georg Bauer)
  • Mattle, Michèle
    Dancing towards Healthy and Happy Aging – Evidence of Dance-Related Exercise Programs to Prevent Falls of Seniors
    (Supervisor: Prof. Heike Bischoff-Ferrari)
  • Nguyen, Huyen
    The role of HLA diversity on HIV transmission and evolution along real-world transmission chains in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study
    (Supervisor: Prof. Roger Kouyos)
  • Nittas, Vasileios (successful thesis defense, pursuing final certificate)
    Digital Health: Using Electronic Patient-Generated Health Data to Facilitate Patient-Centered Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
    (Supervisors: Prof. Milo Puhan, PD Dr. Margot Mütsch)
  • Werlen, Laura
    Barriers to care in Swiss youth with mental disorders
    (Supervisor: Prof. Meichun Mohler-Kuo)