Alumni 2020

  • Aya Pastrana, Nathaly
    Università della Svizzera Italiana
    From policies to interventions: Integrating neglected tropical diseases and gender
    to social marketing
    (Supervisor: Prof. Suzanne Suggs)
  • Blum, Steffen
    University Basel
    Epidemiology of and risk factors for atrial fibrillation progression
    (Supervisors: Prof. David Conen/ Prof. Stefan Osswald)
  • Bold, Bolor
    University Basel
    Burden, cost of disease and optimization of clinical practice of human cystic echinococcosis in Mongolia
    (Supervisor: Prof. Jakob Zinsstag)
  • Bucher Della Torre, Sophie
    University Lausanne
    Eating habits of shift workers
    (Supervisors: Prof. Brigitta Danuser, Prof. Francesca Amati)
  • De Jong, Carmen
    University of Bern
    Childhood asthma: from referral to long-term outcomes
    (Supervisor: Prof. Claudia Kuehni)
  • Deml, Michael
    University of Basel
    Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy and Under-Immunization with Childhood and Human Papilloma Virus Vaccines in Switzerland: A Qualitative Study
    (Supervisors: Prof. Nicole Probst-Hensch, Prof. Claudine Burton-Jeangros)
  • Fischer, Xenia
    Tailored multicomponent intervention for remote physical activity promotion in inactive adults
    University Basel
    (Supervisor: Prof. Lukas Zahner)
  • Gallay, Joanna
    Antimalarial drug concentrations in the blood: a monitoring tool for evaluating population drug usage in relation to diagnosis and treatment environment
    University Basel
    (Supervisors: Prof. Blaise Genton, Prof. Jürg Utzinger)
  • Gnassingbe, Afèignindou
    Problématique de la lutte contre les faux médicaments au Togo: état des lieux de l’action publique et élaboration de stratégies alternatives
    University Geneva
    (Supervisor: Prof. Antoine Geissbühler)
  • Gonsalves, Lianne
    Understanding the appeal pf pharmacies as points of contraceptive access for young people in Kenya
    University Basel
    (Supervisors: Prof. Jürg Utzinger, Dr. Adriane Martin-Hilber)
  • Halbeisen, Florian
    Lung Function and Diagnostics in Patients with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia
    University Bern
    (Supervisor: Prof. Claudia Kuehni)
  • Jeong, Ayoung
    Elucidation of the role of obesity and air pollution in the asthma etiology in adults
    University Basel
    (Supervisor: Prof. Nicole Probst-Hensch)
  • Michel, Janet
    Towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC) policy-roll out experience in South Africa: How and why policy-practice gaps come about in a UHC context
    University Basel
    (Supervisor: PD Dr. Fabrizio Tediosi)
  • Petrovic, Dusan
    Lifecourse socioeconomic differentials in healthy ageing
    University Lausanne
    (Supervisor: Prof. Murielle Bochud)
  • Piaget-Rossel, Romain
    Meta-analysis of rare events: the challenge of combining the lack of information
    University Lausanne
    (Supervisor: PD Dr. Patrick Taffé)
  • Riesen, Maurane
    Human papillomavirus vaccination in Switzerland: impact, uptake and costs
    University Bern
    (Supervisors: PD Dr. Christian L. Althaus, Prof. Nicola Low)
  • Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Daniela
    Epidemiology and control of malaria in Papua New Guinea: from small-scale heterogenity to large-scale surveillance and targeted response
    University Basel
    (Supervisor: PD Dr. Manuel Hetzel)
  • Schusselé Filliettaz, Séverine
    Interprofessional collaboration and care integration
    University Lausanne
    (Supervisor: Prof. Isabelle Peytremann-Bridevaux)
  • Shih, Chin-Shui
    E-cigarettes: Users profile and stakeholder opinion in Taiwan
    University Geneva
    (Supervisor: Prof. Jean-François Etter)