Alumni 2019

  • Adam, Salome
    Cancer Survivorship Aspects of Prostate, Colorectal and Endometrial Cancer
    Survivors in Germany and the Netherlands
    University Zurich
    (Supervisor: Prof. Sabine Rohrmann)
  • Al-Gobari, Muaamar
    Optimization of sudden cardiac death prevention strategies in heart failure patients
    University Lausanne
    (Supervisor: Prof. Bernard Burnand)
  • Backes, Claudine
    Solar UV Modelling for skin cancer prevention
    University Lausanne
    (Supervisors: Prof. David Vernez, PD Dr. Jean-Luc Bulliard)
  • Belle-van Sprundel, Fabiën
    Dietary intake and overweight in childhood cancer during treatment and survivorship
    University Lausanne
    (Supervisors: Prof. Murielle Bochud, Prof. Claudia Kuehni)
  • Chatelan, Angéline
    Dietary intake and nutritional status in Switzerland: a population perspective
    University Lausanne
    (Supervisor: Prof. Murielle Bochud)
  • de Mestral Vargas, Carlos
    Determinants of diet in the population, and the contribution of diet to socioeconomic inequalities in cardiometabolic disorders in high-income countries
    University Lausanne
    (Supervisor: Prof. Pedro-Manuel Marques-Vidal)
  • Ewald, Hannah
    Meta-epidemiologic consideration of confounding for health care decision making
    University Basel
    (Supervisor: Prof. Heiner Bucher)
  • Gahl, Brigitta
    Issues in the perioperative management of patients undergoing cardiac surgery
    University Bern
    (Supervisor: Prof. Peter Jüni)
  • Jurca, Maja
    Cough in Childhood: Prevalence, Risk Factors and Prognosis
    University Bern
    (Supervisor: Prof. Claudia Kühni)
  • Kaufmann, Cornel
    Four essays in health economics. An empirical analysis of decision-making in the domain of health and health insurance
    University Lucerne
    (Supervisor: Prof. Stefan Boes)
  • Khalatbari-Soltani, Saman 
    Nutritional status in hospitalized patients: prevalence, determinants and impact on hospital stay, mortality, and costs
    University Lausanne
    (Supervisors: Prof. Gerard Waeber, Prof. Pedro Marques-Vidal)
  • Konstantinoudis, Garyfallos
    Analysis of spatial clustering of childhood cancers
    University Bern
    (Supervisor: PD Dr. Ben Spycher)
  • Ladanie, Aviv
    Epidemiology and characteristics of clinical trials supporting US FDA approval of novel cancer drugs
    University Basel
    (Supervisors: Dr. Lars G. Hemkens, Prof. Heiner Bucher)
  • Leeger-Aschmann, Claudia
    Physical Activity and Fundamental Movement Skills in Three- to Five-Year-Old Children
    University Zürich
    (Supervisor: PD Dr. Susi Kriemler)
  • Liwanag, Harvy Joy
    Analyzing the Effectiveness of Decentralization in Improving the Health Sector with a Focus on the Philippines
    University Basel
    (Supervisor: Prof. Kaspar Wyss)
  • Owusu, Henry Frempong 
    Insecticide resistance monitoring – a review of current methodology
    University Basel
    (Supervisors: Dr. Pie Mueller, Prof. Marcel Tanner)
  • Renggli, Sabine
    Promoting Universal Health Coverage: Towards Improved Health Service Quality and Financial Protection
    University Basel
    (Supervisor: Prof. Christian Lengeler)
  • Rios-Leyvraz, Magali
    Biomonitoring and health consequences of sodium intake in children
    University Lausanne
    (Supervisors: Prof. Arnaud Chiolero, Prof. Pascal Bovet)
  • Ronca, Elias
    Utilization and access to healthcare services among community-dwelling people living with chronic spinal cord injury in Switzerland
    University Lucerne
    (Supervisor: Prof. Armin Gemperli)
  • Schmutz, Claudia
    Foodborne diseases in Switzerland: understanding the burden of illness pyramid to improve Swiss infectious disease surveillance
    University Basel
    (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Mäusezahl)
  • Schmutz, Einat
    Physical Activity Behaviour in Preschool Children
    University Zürich
    (Supervisors: Prof. Milo Puhan, PD Dr. Susi Kriemler)
  • Schneider, Martin
    Soins palliatifs et assistance humanitaire d’urgence – Projets spécifiques des organisations humanitaires et vécu des expatriés y engagés
    University Geneva
    (Supervisor: Prof. François Chappuis)
  • Thiam, Sokhna
    Spatial analysis of diarrhoea and environmental risk factors in an urban context in Senegal, West Africa
    University Basel
    (Supervisor: Prof. Guéladio Cissé)
  • Tough, Hannah
    Being alone together: Social relationships, mental functioning and wellbeing in couples coping with disabilitiy
    University Lucerne
    (Supervisor: Prof. Armin Gemperli)
  • Yebyo, Henock Gebremedhin
    Benefit-Harm Balance Modeling to Redefine Cardiovascular Disease Risk Thresholds for Initiating Statin Use for Primary Prevention: National and Global Perspectives
    University Zürich
    (Supervisor: Prof. Milo Puhan)
  • Zysset, Annina
    Motor skills, Cognitive Skills and Executive Functions in Preschool Children
    University Zurich
    (Supervisor: Prof. Oskar Jenni)