Alumni 2017

  • Danon-Hersch, Nadia 
    Nutrition and health in a cohort representative of the general community-dwelling population of Lausanne aged 65 and over
    University of Lausanne
    (Supervisor: Prof. Brigitte Santos-Eggimann)
  • Fuhrimann, Samuel 
    Health risk assessment along waste water recovery and reuse systems in Kampala, Uganda and Hanoi, Vietnam
    University of Basel
    (Supervisors: Prof. Jürg Utzinger/ Prof. Guéladio Cissé)
  • Goutaki, Myrofora 
    Epidemiology of Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia
    University of Bern
    (Supervisor: Prof. Claudia Kuehni)
  • Haas, Andreas 
    Antiretroviral therapy for prevention of HIV transmission in sub-Saharan Africa
    University of Bern
    (Supervisors: PD Dr. Olivia Keiser, Prof. Matthias Egger)
  • Hofmann, Karen
    Social Inequalities in Health and Health Behaviour – Determinants of Health and Health Behaviour in young Swiss Adults
    University of Bern
    (Prof. Thomas Abel)
  • Knaier, Raphael 
    Influence of light on exercise performance in athletes and overweight individuals
    (Supervisor: Prof. Arno Schmidt-Trucksäss)
    University of Basel
  • Lasserre, Aurélie
    When the heart aches: Atypical features in depression are a hallmark of an increased cardio-metabolic risk
    University of Lausanne
    (Supervisor: Prof. Martin Preisig)
  • Luta, Xhyljeta 
    Regional Variation in End of Life Care in Switzerland
    University of Bern
    (Supervisors: PD Dr. Kerri Clough-Gorr, Prof. Matthias Egger)
  • Mayen-Chacon, Ana-Lucia 
    Socio-economic determinants of diet in high and middle income countries: evidence from Swiss, Guatemalan and Seychelles populations
    University of Lausanne
    (Supervisor: Prof. Fred Paccaud)
  • Müller, Monika 
    Clinical application of quantitative sensory tests to assess altered pain processing in chronic pain patients
    University of Bern
    (Supervisors: Prof. Peter Jüni, Prof. Michele Curatolo)
  • Sagar, Sanjay Gupta
    Monitoring of electromagnetic field exposure in an international context
    University of Basel
    (Supervisor: Prof. Martin Röösli)
  • Schori, Dominik
    Social Inequality in Health and Social Differences in Health Behaviours in Young Swiss Adults
    University of Bern
    (Supervisor: Prof. Thomas Abel)
  • Vetsch, Janine
    Long-term childhood cancer survivors and their parents – information needs, follow-up practices and preferences
    University of Lucerne
    (Supervisor: Prof. Gisela Michel)
  • Vischer, Nerina 
    Efficiency and quality in conducting clinical trials in sub-Saharan Africa
    University of Basel
    (Supervisor: Prof. Christian Burri)
  • Yammine, Sophie 
    Transition of inert gas washout measurements from research into clinics
    University of Bern
    (Supervisor: PD Dr. Philipp Latzin)