Alumni 2012

  • Ausserhofer, Dietmar
    High-reliability in healthcare: Nurse-reported patient safety climate and its relationship with patient outcomes in Swiss acute care hospitals
    University of Basel
    (Supervisor: Prof. Sabina De Geest)
  • Aydin, Denis
    The Use Of Mobile Phones And The Risk Of Brain Tumors Among Children And Adolescents
    University of Basel
    (Supervisor: Prof. Martin Röösli)
  • Bachmann, Monica, Denis
    Health Behaviour Change in Smokers: Five Articles on the Development of Smoking Behaviour
    Universtiy of Bern
    (Supervisor: Prof. Hansjörg Znoj)
  • da Costa, Bruno Cezar
    Summarising and Expressing Patient-Reported Outcomes in Osteoarthritis
    University of Bern
    (Supervisor: Prof. Peter Jüni)
  • Dey, Michelle
    Health-related quality of life among children with mental health problems
    University of Zurich
    (Supervisor: Prof. Meichun Mohler-Kuo)
  • Loss, Georg
    Investigating the effect of farm milk consumption on childhood asthma and allergies in the context of farming, early life nutrition and innate immunity
    University of Basel
    (Supervisor: Prof. Charlotte Braun-Fahrländer)
  • Meyer, Ursina
    Short- and long-term effects of a multi-component physical activity intervention in primary school
    University of Basel
    (Supervisor: PD Dr. Susi Kriemler, Prof. Uwe Pühse)
  • Omlin, Sarah
    Schlafstörungen durch nächtlichen Alltagslärm – aus der Public Health Perspektive
    University of Zurich
    (Supervisor: PD Dr. Georg Bauer, Prof. Theo Wehner)
  • Scott, Pippa
    Pneumococcal and Measles Vaccines: Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses
    University of Bern
    (Supervisor: Prof. Nicola Low)
  • Senn, Beate
    Creating and validating a patient-reported outcome instrument to assess symptom experience related to surgical wounds in women with vulvar neoplasms – A mixed methods study
    University of Bern
    (Supervisor: Prof. Elisabeth Zemp Stutz)
  • Soukhathammavong, Phonepasong
    Morbidity and treatment of Opisthorchis viverrini, Schistosoma mekhongi, hookworm and other parasitic helminths in Lao PDR
    University of Basel
    (Supervisor: PD Dr. Peter Odermatt)