New students register for the new SSPH+ Inter-university Graduate Campus which has followed the SSPH+ PhD Program in Public Health since 1 June 2019.

For enrollment: https://ssphplus.ch/en/graduate-campus/

To register for the SSPH+ Inter-University Graduate Campus you have to be accepted as a PhD student at one of the 10 partner universities (Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, Neuchâtel, Svizzera italiana, Zurich, SUPSI, ZHAW) and your first supervisor needs to be an SSPH+ Faculty Member.

Students who registered for the SSPH+ PhD Program before May 31, 2019, are expected to finish in the actual program within three years. Moreover, they will become automatically part of the SSPH+ Inter-University Graduate Campus and can finish under this new system as an alternative.

Students registering after May 31, 2019, will be welcomed directly on the SSPH+ Inter-University Graduate Campus – the new hub of inter-university high quality SSPH+ PhD courses, trainings, and events.

Cost-free SSPH+ PhD courses (with small non-refundable registration fee of 30.- CHF per course) and access to attractive courses and programs of our partners at reduced fees will be granted to all students registered under the former and the new system.