SSPH+ PhD Final Certificate

This applies ONLY for students who have registered for the SSPH+ PhD Program in Public Health before 1 June 2019

To get the final certificate of the SSPH+ PhD Program in Public Health, your PhD defense needs to take place before 1 June 2022.

You have maximum one year time after your PhD defense took place to complete and hand in your application for the final certificate of the SSPH+ PhD Program in Public Health.

The very last application for the final certificate of the SSPH+ PhD Program in Public Health will be accepted on 1 June 2023.

All students who have registered before 1 June 2019 can apply for the SSPH+ Certificate in Public Health of the new SSPH+ Inter-university Graduate Campus instead.


The PhD candidate reports the date of the defense to the coordination office within 2 weeks after the defense has taken place.

Application procedure:

To get the SSPH+ PhD Program Certificate, the following documents need to be sent to the coordination office (by email):

  • Application form for final certificate (see templates and forms), in 2 copies:
    • 1 copy as Word file
    • 1 copy as PDF file, signed by the PhD candidate and by the supervisor
  • One PDF of all course certificates or/and graduation record of home university
  • PDF of thesis or link to it
  • Scan of the final PhD diploma of the home university (can be submitted at a later date)
  • for max. 1 additional ECTS: Proof of active participation at an international scientific conference (including acceptance of an abstract as first author and oral or poster presentation)


Requirements for the SSPH+ Final Certificate:

  • Number of ECTS as agreed on the registration form has been collected
  • All 3 main fields of public health are covered with a minimum of 2 ECTS each
  • Annual doctoral committee meetings have taken place and the signed confirmation forms have been handed in
  • A minimum of 3 scientific publications (at least 2 of them as first author) comprising at least:
    • 2 peer-reviewed articles accepted for publication at a scientific journal
    • 1 article accepted for peer review at a scientific journal