Course Program 2018


Date Lecturer Course
1-2 Feb Brigit Obrist Qualitative Health Research: Introductory Module
5-7 Feb Brigit Obrist Qualitative Health Research: Advanced Module
5-7 March Claudia Kuehni Tim Albert Writing Course
14-16 May Matthias Egger Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis: a Practical Approach
20-21 June Verina Wild et al. Basics of Ethics in Health Sciences Research
4-6 July Martin Röösli Introduction into multilevel modelling of clustered data
16-20 July Joel Schwartz/
Martin Röösli
Observational epidemiology workshop: advanced methods for data and exposure-response analyses
3-4 September Jan Hattendorf Introduction to the Statistical Software R
5-7 September Nicola Low Tim Albert Writing Course
12-14 September Martin Röösli/
Jan Hattendorf
Nondetects and other types of missing data in observational epidemiologic studies
1/8/15 October Stéphane Cullati/
Kristen Jafflin
Social Sciences in Public Health, basic module
7-9 November Adrian Spoerri Introduction to Statistical Software Stata and Electronic Data Capture Software REDCap
12-15 November Danielle Vienneau GIS in Public Health

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