Giulia Pestoni wins ScienceFlashTalk Award in Lausanne

Giulia Pestoni, SSPH+ PhD student from University of Zurich and supervised by SSPH+ Faculty member Sabine Rohrmann, has won the second of three events of the 2018 SSPH+ ScienceFlashTalk Award at the SSPH+ Faculty Meeting in Lausanne on 14 June 2018.


Giulia convinced the audience with her 3-minute flash talk on “What does the Swiss population eat? Characterization of food consumption and dietary patterns in the Swiss language regions”. In 2014/2015, the first National Nutrition Survey (menuCH) aiming to assess the food consumption of the Swiss population was conducted allowing the analysis of dietary patters by language region as well as the finding of major determinants of a healthy diet. Giulia’s study may help to further understand differences in the prevalence of chronic diseases morbidity and mortality in Switzerland. Furthermore, it will allow to identify population groups that are currently not meeting general dietary recommendations and to develop more targeted public health interventions.

Watch her flash talk HERE.