Past SSPH+ PhD Courses 2012

27 November 2012Genes – Are They Key to Public Health?Professor Nicole Probst-Hensch and Dr. Medea Imboden (SwissTPH, Basel)
29 – 30 October 2012Media Training Workshop: Communication SkillsProfessor Suzanne Suggs and Dr. Chris McIntyre (Università della Svizzera Italiana and Health X Change)
04 October 2012How to Pass Your Research Protocol Through an Ethics Review CommitteeDr. Effy Vayena (Institute of Biomedical Ethics, University of Zurich)
10 – 12 September 2012Conducting Qualitative Research in Health: An Introduction to Qualitative Research MethodsProfessor Brigit Obrist (Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Basel and Swiss TPH)
20 – 25 August 2012Summer School in Public Health Policy, Economics and ManagementUniversity of Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland
20 – 24 August 2012INS Summer School 2012 – Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER): Politics, Methodologies and Proposal BuildingInstitute of Nursing Science, University of Basel
11 – 15 June 2012Epidemiological Data Analysis: Advanced Methods for Exposure-Response ModelingProfessor Joel Schwarz (Harvard School of Public Health, USA) and Professor Martin Röösli (SwissTPH)
24 – 26 April 2012Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis: a Practical ApproachProf. Matthias Egger (ISPM Bern)
10 – 13 April 2012Ethics in Biomedical and Public Health ResearchProf. Bernice Elger and Dr. Tenzin Wangmo (Institute of Biomedical Ethics, University of Basel), Prof. Angus Dawson (Head of Medicine, Ethics, Society & History (MESH), University of Birmingham, UK)
26 – 28 March 2012Applied Bayesian Statistics in Medical Research and Health-Care EvaluationDr. Thomas Gsponer and Prof. Marcel Zwahlen (ISPM Bern)
19 – 21 March 2012Writing a Journal Article… and Getting it PublishedProfessor Nicola Low (ISPM Bern)
05 – 06 March 2012Introduction to the Statistical Software RDr. Jan Hattendorf (SwissTPH, Universiy of Basel)
13 – 15 February 2012Qualitative Research In Health: Where Quantitative Methods Can Not ReachProf. Brigit Obrist
02 – 03 February 2012Statistical Methods for EpidemiologyProf. Timothy Lash, Aarhus University Hospital & Wake Forest University
University of Bern, ISPM
18 – 20 January 2012Writing a journal article – and getting it published – Swiss Epidemiology Winter School 2012Prof. Nicola Low and Prof. Matthias Egger, ISPM, University of Bern
University of Bern, ISPM
16 – 19 January 2012Indirect comparisons and network meta‐analysis: Evidence synthesis with multiple treatments – Swiss Epidemiology Winter School 2012Dr. Julian Higgins, University of Cambridge, UK; Dr. Georgia Salanti, University of Ioannina School of Medicine, Greece; Prof. Matthias Egger, ISPM, University of Bern
15 – 21 January 2012Advanced survival analysis for cohort studies – Swiss Epidemiology Winter School 2012Prof. Jonathan Sterne, University of Bristol, UK; Prof. Marcel Zwahlen; Dr. Thomas Gsponer, Prof. Matthias Egger, ISPM, University of Bern