Other Courses from Partner Universities

Date Course title Speaker Field
17 – 19 September 2018 Randomized controlled clinical trials
CAS in Clinical Research
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PD Dr. Sven Trelle
CTU Bern
Prof. Marcel Zwahlen
ISPM, University of Bern
27 – 28 September 2018 Workshop: Using DAGs for Causal Inference
(basic and advanced)
PhD Program in Health Sciences
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Dr. Johannes Textor,
University of Lucerne
General Courses and Soft Skills

02 – 30 October 2018

E-Precision Global Health
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Prof. Antoine Flahault
University of Geneva
7 November 2018 Workshop: Systems thinking for health systems research
PhD Program in Health Sciences, University of Lucerne
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Dr. Karl Blanchet
Health System Research
various dates International Doctoral Courses and Seminars in Health Economis and Policy
sggö – Swiss Society of Health Economics
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various speakers Health System Research
various dates Courses of the PhD Program Health Sciences Basel (PPHS) with free access for SSPH+ PH PhD students:

  • Academic Writing in the Health Sciences
  • Essentials in Health Research Methodology
  • How to prepare a job application inside or outside of academia in Health Sciences
  • PPHS Career talks
  • Good scientific conduct in Health Sciences
  • Walking in the Editor’s Shoes: Peer reviewing and journal editing for young researchers in Health Sciences
  • Writing a PhD thesis proposal in Health Sciences

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various lecturers
various dates Public Health Weiterbildung (reduced fees for individual courses for SSPH+ PhD students, registration per email to mph@ebpi.uzh.ch)
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