Alumni 2019

  • Backes, Claudine
    Solar UV Modelling for skin cancer prevention
    University Lausanne
    (Supervisors: Prof. David Vernez, PD Dr. Jean-Luc Bulliard)
  • Belle-van Sprundel, Fabiën
    Dietary intake and overweight in childhood cancer during treatment and survivorship
    University Lausanne
    (Supervisors: Prof. Murielle Bochud, Prof. Claudia Kuehni)
  • Ewald, Hannah
    Meta-epidemiologic consideration of confounding for health care decision making
    University Basel
    (Supervisor: Prof. Heiner Bucher)
  • Khalatbari-Soltani, Saman 
    Nutritional status in hospitalized patients: prevalence, determinants and impact on hospital stay, mortality, and costs
    University Lausanne
    (Supervisors: Prof. Gerard Waeber, Prof. Pedro Marques-Vidal)
  • Rios-Leyvraz, Magali
    Biomonitoring and health consequences of sodium intake in children
    University Lausanne
    (Supervisors: Prof. Arnaud Chiolero, Prof. Pascal Bovet)
  • Schmutz, Claudia
    Foodborne diseases in Switzerland: understanding the burden of illness pyramid to improve Swiss infectious disease surveillance
    University Basel
    (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Mäusezahl)
  • Schmutz, Einat
    Physical Activity Behaviour in Preschool Children
    University Zürich
    (Supervisors: Prof. Milo Puhan, PD Dr. Susi Kriemler)
  • Tough, Hannah
    Being alone together: Social relationships, mental functioning and wellbeing in couples coping with disabilitiy
    University Lucerne
    (Supervisor: Prof. Armin Gemperli)